Digital & Mobile Media

We navigate the digital frontier.

We understand the need to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the technology landscape and speak the same language as our clients.

Evolving technological innovation leads to dynamic changes in the law pertaining to digital and mobile media. Our Digital & Mobile Media Group offers clients expertise and legal counsel with interdepartmental participation from many of our practice groups, including our Bankruptcy, Corporate, Compliance, Intellectual Property, International, Litigation, Tax, and Trusts & Estates groups.

We have substantial experience and knowledge for those looking to acquire, create, disseminate, invest, protect, monetize, and sell their assets in the traditional and emerging digital landscape. We counsel multinational corporations, funds, and emerging companies in a wide array of areas from advertising, cloud technology, data mining, digital and social media compliance and policies, to electronic licensing and distribution, evolving privacy issues, litigation, and technology transfer licensing for mobile apps and other digital platforms.

For entrepreneurs, inventors, and high-wealth individuals, we advise on a number of intellectual property issues from copyrights, trademarks, patents, licensing, and transfer issues to digital footprint and estate implications in an increasingly technological world.