GEAB&P Wins Dismissal of Multi-Million Dollar Claim Alleging Defective Manufacture of Industrial Motors

GEAB&P was retained to represent a manufacturer of motors used to power air conditioning units on major cruise ships. The manufacturer of the air conditioning units claimed that our client’s design for the motors was defective and that the motors had not been made to specifications, causing them to fail, and allegedly causing millions of dollars in damages. Because of the complexity of the many technical issues raised in the matter, it was expected that trial of the dispute would be extremely costly and time consuming. GEAB&P negotiated with counsel for our adversary to agree to a streamlined arbitration procedure, which allowed for a limited exchange of information and a trial without live witnesses. Presentations by both sides were made by the parties’ counsel, before a single arbitrator. In May 2009, the arbitrator rejected the claim in its entirety, ruling that the claimant had failed to prove that the motors were defective or that our client had failed to meet specifications. Partner Jeffrey T. Golenbock and Counsel Elizabeth A. Jaffe worked on this matter.