GEAB&P Partner Michael Devorkin Quoted in The New York Times In Article Concerning Disciplinary Charges Filed on Behalf of Wronged Firm Client

Michael S. Devorkin, partner at GEAB&P, is quoted in the January 6, 2013 New York Times article, which in part concerned disciplinary charges filed by Mr. Devorkin with the Federal Court in New York against a well-known criminal defense attorney, who had taken $180,000 of that attorney’s client’s funds that were intended as a restitution payment to a client of the Firm. A panel of Southern District of New York Judges, acting on the Firm’s complaint, has suspended that attorney, finding he had stolen his client’s money intended for the Firm’s client, and is considering final action including disbarment. Devorkin stated that the Firm and the Firm’s client had initiated the proceedings, because “it was our duty and because our client was badly injured and the public was threatened by this risk.” Due to Devorkin’s advocacy, the client is now well-positioned to receive 100 % of the lost money from the Lawyer Protection Fund, which is designed to reimburse clients for lost money as a result of dishonest attorney conduct.

You can find the article here.