What Sets Us Apart

A Firm Commitment

Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe LLP is celebrating its 30th anniversary, which is a testament to our high standard of client service and the cooperative team spirit with which we work. Looking ahead to the next 30 years, you will still find a boutique-sized firm of dedicated attorneys with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences who offer a level of sophistication, expertise, personal attention, and responsiveness that are increasingly difficult to find in the changing legal landscape.

A Commitment to Superior Client Service

While each attorney specializes in a particular area of the law, our integrated team approach to client issues enables us to provide superior client service and counsel for a wide breadth of industries, businesses, and legal issues.

Personal attention begins with listening to our clients, understanding their goals, and making their goals our own. We work in close collaboration with our clients, their in-house counsel, and business partners as members of their team. We develop a depth of knowledge of our clients’ businesses that can only come from focus, experience, and our determination to add measurable value. We carefully consider the staffing of matters to create a sensible cost structure, and are willing to create fee structures that reflect a commitment to the long term.

Our attorneys are intellectually curious. We think beyond the immediate transaction, project, or litigation to anticipate and assess issues that may affect a client’s future, and to make sure that the path chosen will facilitate long-term goals.

A Commitment to Quality

We structure innovative and effective solutions. We are skilled at resolving conflicts creatively without litigation, but our experienced litigators are ready to step in when an acceptable negotiated solution is not available.

Each client benefits from the collective expertise of our lawyers. Depending on the nature of the legal issue, we can customize our teams with attorneys from different specialties. This flexibility ensures that each team of lawyers is best suited to address the totality of the issue, its challenges, and potential implications.

Our senior level attorneys are actively involved in every transaction. Every action we take is coordinated with a larger end goal. We work with our clients to develop legal strategies and courses of action that can be set clearly and measured against the ultimate objective from the onset.

Commitment to Long-Term Relationships

We focus, first and foremost, on the well-being of our clients and on building long- lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. We closely monitor the ever-changing regulatory environment and the markets that may affect our clients.

We are committed to the future of our firm and its young attorneys and make the investments in our professionals and staff necessary to create an environment for a stable and vibrant future. The best professional relationships are those that withstand the tests of time and economic conditions.

A Commitment to the Practice of Law

Our attorneys have graduated from the finest law schools, and many have been members of law review. New attorneys come to our firm with two or three years practicing law with large firms, judicial clerkships, or both.

Partner and associate turnover is extremely low. This allows for natural synergies and efficiencies in any matter. Our teams learn each client’s business as if it were their own. Additionally, this firms emphasis on diversity benefits the work product, counsel, and perspective offered to clients.

A Global Commitment

Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe LLP is a member of Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance of independent accounting, law and consultancy firms. With more than 160 member firms in some 60 countries, our association to Alliott Group enables us to serve our clients’ local and cross-border needs.