Celebrating Over 30 Years

When we started this firm over 30 years ago with three lawyers, we believed we could attract clients and best serve their interests by adhering to two essential principles: provide quality legal services and give the level of attentiveness and care that we would want if we were the client. As our client base grew, we served its needs by bringing in additional partners who expanded our capabilities. Consistent with our principles, we did so in a measured way to ensure that those joining the firm possessed exceptional skills, and shared our commitment to excellence and client care.

Our instincts have proved correct. We have been rewarded with a loyal and steadily increasing client base and numerous industry accolades. While we believe these results speak for themselves, perhaps the best evidence that we remain on the right track is that most of our earliest clients continue to look to us for legal advice and guidance.

As we all know the world is filled with uncertainty, but as we look forward to the next 30 years, we can comfortably give this assurance: We remain as committed to our founding principles today as we were on the day, 30 years ago, when the firm opened its doors.