About Us

In 1982, Jeffrey Golenbock, David Eiseman, and Nathan Assor – who were shortly joined by Larry Bell – left their positions at a top Manhattan law firm with a single idea: to found a new law firm, focused on providing high quality legal services, staffed by attorneys trained at the best law firms, and free of the layers of professional and administrative bureaucracy that drive up legal costs in large law firms. That idea has developed into Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe LLP, which now has grown to approximately 50 attorneys while adhering to the founders’ original idea and focus.


High Quality Legal Services


Top Level Attorneys


Cost-Efficient Billing

We counsel and represent a wide variety of domestic and international companies and individuals, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations and private equity funds to closely held private companies and individuals involved in significant transactions and disputes. We are proud of our long track record of carefully crafted deals, successful trials, and settled cases. For our clients, “mid-size” means small teams of experienced lawyers, fewer billable hours spent reviewing other lawyers’ work, less on-the-job training, and quicker turnaround.

We take pride in our sophistication, experience and ability to take on major engagements for our clients while also maintaining a hands-on, personalized approach to all of our clients’ matters. With each client and each matter we strive to understand the client’s business goals and objectives in a larger context and then develop a strategy to achieve those goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. We know that our clients return again and again because they can count on high quality work at a reasonable cost.

Above all, we value excellence, creativity, efficiency and pragmatism. Our clients expect us to provide prompt and thoughtful solutions to their questions and problems, and we do.